Making a great coffee - Lesson 2

making the greatest coffee by coffee addicted
making the greatest coffee ever


We do not need a fancy espresso machine to make a great cup of coffee at home. The only things we need is a proper coffee pot or the traditional cafetiere and some fresh coffee beans. While thousands of articles try to explain how to make the perfect cup of coffee, most are confusing or difficult to reproduce. Here is the ultimate guide to impress both yourself and your friend ;-)

The equipment

Making a good coffee depends heavily on the equipment. This is why many coffee addicted prefer to go out to a cafe with professional machines and baristas. Espresso machines are only good for making espressos, rather than the lattes, cappuccinos, mochas, etc. But the home cafetiere, which I can not imagine a real coffee addicted do not have, is probably the best and cheapest way for bringing out all the flavour of your coffee beans. The only trick is to use it properly.

The coffee

  • Coffee. The most important ingredient is, of course, is the coffee. The coffee needs to be fresh. It is recommended to keep the coffee maximum for two weeks, stored in an airtight container in the fridge, but much better if it is freshly ground. You also need to find a coffee you like. Read our arabica vs robusta beans article for helping you to decide. We recommend using at least two rounded dessertspoons of coffee per person. There is nothing worst than a waterish coffee.


  • Pour enough water on to moisten the grounds
  • Let them to absorb the water before filling the cafetiere.
  • Allow to settle
  • Stir and add the plunger to keep it warm.
  • Time. This is important. Some experts suggest 30-60 seconds is enough time, because coffee tastes sharper and brighter if it does not have much break time, but to my taste, I prefer longer brewed coffee (3-4 mins).
  • Stir, plunge and pour into a warm cup.

Couple of options

  • Adding milk?. It depends on your taste but if you like adding milk, first decide what temperature you prefer for the milk because it might affect the taste and flavour. Those who like adding lot of milk may wish to warm it gently first because very hot milk will spoil the flavour of your coffee. If you are a fast drinker, cold milk would do. 
  • Adding sugar?. It also depends on your taste, are you bitter or sour taste?. You can alternatively add sweetener instead of sugar if you worry about calories.

Real coffee addicted may wish to add no milk and no sugar at all for real coffee taste.

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